Chris Jones - 
Chicago Tribune

"The Chicago a uniform blast, with especially funny comic turns coming from Ernaisja Curry as a crew member pushed into the show (and loving it)."

David Lyman - 
Cincinnati Enquirer

"As played by Ernaisja Curry, Isabelle is somewhere between agitated and hysterical. And as the play progresses, her emotions grow even more extreme. Curry pushes the boundaries at every turn. She is alternately needy and ferocious, flirtatious and homicidal."

Eli Keel - 
Insider Louisville

"Ernaisja Curry’s Bianca meets a happier end. Curry’s Bianca is a bad***, not afraid to tell a man what she wants, and she can drink and fight just as hard as any of her brothers in arms. Making a milquetoast character like Bianca shine a feat. Seriously, I hope Curry comes back next year."

Marty Rosen - 
Leo Weekly

"Both [Maupin] and Curry sculpt their emotions with beautifully wrought physical and facial gestures — and they wield Shakespeare’s rhymed couplets with operatic virtuosity."

Cristina Martin - 
Arts - Louisville

"And as for Hotspur, he’s far from a one-dimensional. The tender playfulness between him and his wife, Lady Percy (Ernaisja Curry) was beautifully played, particularly in a breathtaking, sensuous leave-taking scene featuring the two of them."

Alan Jozwiak -
League of Cincinnati Theatres

"Ernaisja Curry as Door [was] also strong. Curry plays Door as a valiant, but vulnerable woman who is able to open doorways to anywhere she wishes. She has nicely paired with Sheridan’s Mayhew and the two have a good chemistry onstage."